Do you want to feel healthy and get in better shape ?

I will introduce you to French Nutrition.

Two years ago (July 2015), I arrived from France here in America.
So first I had to improve my English, then to figure out a bunch of new things. Even if we imagine from France that the way of life in America is very similar, believe me, it is not. I really felt like an alien. So many details are different... nutrition included.
After 12 years of experience in France as a nutritionist and living in America for 2 years, exploring and gaining understanding of American nutrition habits, I feel ready to help people with their nutrition again.
I can offer you the best of French nutrition, adapted to the American way of life by mixing healthy French nutrition with the priority that both Americans and French put on their eating pleasure.
Just call me or send me an email to schedule an appointment.
We also can set up a video coaching session by Skype (or another App) if you are far away (in another country for example !)
See you then !