“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”                                        Hippocrate


You can change your habits to feel better and prevent diseases.

See me for these reasons :

    - weight loss,

    - balanced nutrition,
    - pregnant or nursing women's nutrition,
    - children or teen nutrition,
    - sport nutrition.


If you want to have a good nutrition for the long haul, I'm here to help you with personal nutrition coaching.



Frequent questions...

  • How can I lose weight and keep it off ?
  • Do I eat too many starchy food ?
  • What kind of oil should I choose ?
  • When can I eat fruits during the day ?
  • Do I have to buy special foods ?
  • I'm diabetic ; can I eat sugary foods ?
  • Which solid foods can I add to my baby's diet and at what age ?
  • Can I have milk products ?